FinPadel Ab

Tom Kinnunen

Manager & PR

Teams are built by the people who lead them. On the court this humble giant of a man can play hard, serve with confidence and even rule one of his own shots out for fairness of the game. This is also found in his ability to manage a deal for all parties involved. This man can make people around him better.

Ville Wuorenjuuri

Strategic developer

To become a professional basketball player in the highest league in Finland is no easy task. Not only talent is needed but determination, sweat and some times tears from pushing one self to the limit of what is possible. These characteristics define Ville’s mentality in everything he sets his mind to not to mention the key ingredient that he brings to the table; Team-work.

Vilhelm Sandström

Talous & hallintopäällikkö

On the playing field Ville is known as the good guy  that seldom backs down from a challenge. This can also be said for the work he does off the court. As a former national team floorball player for Team Finland, sports and becoming a winner has become something of a lifestyle. Not just striving for success but succeeding, a life motto.

Soffe Tapola

Content creator & engagement developer

When shit hits the fan, this is the person you want next to you! Whit a nonstop smile, positive attitude and a glowing kindness around her she lights up every situation with a positive and joyful attitude. Soffe brings youthful eagerness, and a long knowledge of beaming a part of a family business. Her talent consists of a mix of social platforms, fixing and trixing and coming up with quick solutions to everyday problems. With these tools, and a hell of a positive attitude, FinPadels team strengthens its core values, community.

Jonas Tana

Valokuvaaja & AD

All great things come from visionary thinking and creativity. Jonas lives by this and focuses on creating inclusive photography combining his craftsmanship and love of the game. When you see his work you get the picture. He is one of a kindand his way of playing makes you just think; wow!

Sebastian Weckman

Designer & Content Manager

Not only is he known as Sebastian but some even call him El Alpaca Blanca which can be translated into any language ever spoken. He is considerd as one of the top 6 padel players in the firm. Sebastian strives in life, and on the court, to live by the code: Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice or three times… then touche bob!

FinPadel Studio

Ville Kervinen


There are a handfull of people in this beautiful world that can be described with one word. Love. Ville, or Keijo Kolmonen as he is known in many parts around the world, is the essens of this word. Whit a mix of kindness, enormous endurance and strength, considerability and humbleness, he not only makes you feel heard, but makes you want to become a better person.

And yes, he is a left handed player, which he thinks, is an advantage… Go figure.

Jukka Rossi


What can be said about the sexiest man alive? We are not sure, so let us concentrate on Jukka. With bone structures that resembles those of greek goods, Jukka is no stranger to big leagues. Wheeling and dealing comes to this player like rain on a warm summers day. When you get Jukka to the table, he comes not just with a pen and a piece of paper… He comes with a royal straight flush! At least 60% of the time, every time.

Matias Sarelius


A man that needs no introduction. One could say this bank of knowledge is self made, others could say he reads a lot. We on the other hand know that when it comes to answers, Matias is most likely the one with them. His coolness can be seen, and heard, not only on the padel courts but on the big screens where Finnish padel is broadcasted. The role he plays is best described as ”The expert”.